Linked Mentions of different headers with exact same text

What I’m trying to do:

I am trying to mention a header from another document, however many headers have the same text, example:
here is the text of a document called “document-sama”:

Biggest header

smol header

Biggest header 2

smol header

Biggest header 3

smol header

I want to mention “## smol header” under “# Biggest header 2” in another document, but if I type [[document-sama#smol header]] or if I use the pop-up window and click on the second header

what I know would work:

I want to avoid using “mention block” feature, because it doesn’t look as nice to see those “^761324” after the header.

what I think would work:

The only solution I see if linked mentions were to be the whole sequence of headers such as [[document-sama#Biggest header 2##smol header]]

ok so this can be solved by doing
[[document-sama#Biggest header 2#smol header]]
so if you were searching for the solution, there you go!

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Wow, I wonder if that’s intentional behavior or just a happy accident?

Someone asked about this a while ago and the answer was “that’s not supported”.

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