Linked Mentions and Expanded View


I am using backlinks with the “expanded view” functionality toggled on, so when I see a backlink, I can also see the text below it.

  • Now, if I create a link to [[2022-07-12]] in this bullet, and then I have a number of sub-bullets beneath this bullet (indented one or multiple levels in from this level), everything will show (as expected) in my expanded view on the page for “2022-07-12”. This is the correct and expected behavior

However, if - instead of using bullets, I decide to use a header style (#### [[2022-07-12]] is my header text), and then I place sub-bullets below this header, I am still able to collapse the text in the page that I’m writing, BUT when I go back to the “2022-07-12” page and look at the Linked Mention, none of my sub-bullets will appear in expanded view.

Why is there a difference between how Expanded View treats bulleted text vs. text that is organized in a hierarchy using header styles? It would be good to see this behavior made consistent.

because they don’t belong to the same markdown block. You can open a FR for this.