Link Tree View instead of Folder View?

What I’m trying to do

Displaying the link structure as a tree like in Wikidpad. Only found workarounds, that don’t really work, eg MOC-pages.

Things I have tried

Looking for functionality in Obsidian and plugins

Background, example

I’m a long term user of Wikidpad (since 2009!), which actually has a lot in common with Obsidian. The project is not active any more, and I have to move on. So far there is only one feature I miss: A link structure tree (like a folder tree, but visualizing the link structure, preferably in the left pane, instead of a folder tree). Is this possible in Obsidian?

“Top-Down” approaches are useful in a lot of settings. Using a Link Tree View instead of folders makes it possible to find a note in different contexts. Here is an example of this in Wikidpad


@KuiyueRO : Thank you for the suggestion. The plugin needs the dataview plugin. It feels too time consuming to set it up at a time where I just want to figure out how to move my database and how to continue a well working workflow with another software. I might get to Dataview plugin later- as soon as I find another usecase for it :slight_smile:

It just uses Dataview API

Thanks again!

So far I didn’t use plugins. After your suggestion I looked into it. If I understand Obsidians security warning (Plugin security - Obsidian Help) right, plugins can just do everything on the whole computer- not only on the vault files. I think I will stick to native Obsidian now. In the long run I will try to find out how to confine Obsidian write and read access to the vault folder. If I could solve this, I might start using plugins. Some of them sound really interesting.

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