Link to Zettelkasten-like ID instead of note title

I would love it if there was an option to assign each note an ID (like is possible in Zettlr) and then be able to link to the ID alone instead of requiring that the link matches the filename.

I like to make links that are only the ID number of the note, and these links do not work in obsidian, and are displayed as empty notes in the graph view.


Idk what the devs will do about that, but in case you didn’t know, a potential quick fix is to change the link title to the ID number, so [[ file | ID ]]. I can also see Obsidian allowing for the use of yaml someday that we can grab the ID from there in as an option in the internal wiki links, as we have with the retrieval of the headers (but through some other key, maybe @ or ^ or some hotkey).


Coming back to this, I believe this would already be possible by combining the aliases in the frontmatter and the template’s {{date:YYYYMMDDHHmmss}} (or however you prefer to generate your IDs), right? If so, I would mark this request as solved.

+1 from me.

My note titles change from time to time and it’s great if Obsidian is your only tool and the internal linking integrity can be maintained, however though Obsidian is my primary tool I do use others such as Zettlr. Being able to link to a regex ID in a filename like Zettlr would be amazing. This would also be really good for those who want to set up more of a traditional Luhman sorting convention.