Link to timestamp of embedded audio

Check out the latest Media Extended v2.10.0 update with mobile support: Release 2.10.0 · aidenlx/media-extended · GitHub

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Thanks for your hard work. But I still found two more flaws. 1 is a bug. When there are two videos on the page, and the time code is say 0:50-1:00, 0:55-1:05. The first video plays fine, and the second one stops at 1:00. 2. This is just a revision. It will be very convenient if the video on full screen is full screen to fill the space.

Can you open an issue on GitHub, and upload a zip file of a minimal vault with notes and video that can replicate the bug you mentioned?

How do you get this interaction to work?

When I open a YouTube link in a note it opens my browser rather than the linked viewer. Opening a timestamp also open in default browser rather than an Obsidian linked viewer like your demo video. The only way I’ve gotten this to work at all is through the Open Media Through Link command but that is disconnected from any links in my notes.

Are these features broken with a recent Obsidian version or the Live Preview?

EDIT: Ah yep… doesn’t work in Live Preview or CMD-clicking in edit mode. Has to be in Reading view to work. It would be nice if there was a command to open the current link under cursor through Media Extended’s viewer to avoid having to switch views to open a video.

is media extended still working? it stopped to work for me for about a week now, i use it heavily, i just want to make sure it is not just me, i also reported the issue on github


Any news on that issue? I recently installed the plugin and it does not seem to work for me either. Thanks in advance for your reply! :pray:

Last I checked it was not working, and I can’t remember any updates I have seen after that. So unfortunately no.

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Thanks for your answer, Archie.
That’s really unfortunate. Do you know of any workaround for this? Why hasn’t anyone else commented on this? It is such a great plugin!

I am wondering about it too, there are a lot of people here using this plugin from what I have seen, but the plugin is kinda dead and get not updates or reply to bug reports. I am forced to use YiNote Chrome Extension, form there I export my annotations as markdown and copy and past it into my vault. It is not the best solution but better than nothing


Thanks for the idea, Archie. Lets hope that the plug-in gets reactivated soon! :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!

sorry that it took so long, I’ve been working on a major refactor on media extended to replace external player(plyr) to integrate it deeper with obsidian, fix bugs that can’t be resolved with old code and implement new features like live preview, dedicated window, and random website support. Since the updated version is mostly refactored and no longer based on the old version’s code, and I have limited time to debug issues, I can’t solve those problems in current version right now. but I can say many issues are already addressed in the next major version. Hopefully, the issue can be fixed when media extended v3 is publicly available.


That look awesome, thank you. I just hope there backward compatibility in the new version for new notes. Looking forward to see Media Extended v3.

Yes of course, the syntax will remain the same, the substantial changes are mostly internal and related to the player itself like the UI.

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Any updates on this does this exist by now? This would be an amazing feature/plugin.


Hey! Any news on this? It would be amazing to have clickable timestamps of embedded videos or audios. Do we know when the next version of Media Extended will appear? Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

@aidenlx thank you for the plugin! I believe I am speaking for everyone in this thread that we are looking to the next major release and hopefully some updates on ETA :slight_smile: !

Edit: Nevermind, I can just follow the v3 branch on github :smiley: GitHub - aidenlx/media-extended at v3