Link to timestamp of embedded audio

Fixed in Release 1.0.1 · alx-plugins/media-extended (


It works great ! :+1:t3: :+1:t3: :+1:t3:

Excellent work! Thank you so much for this plugin!

@aidenlx do you think this idea can be implemented to embeded youtube videos? That would be game changing.


Yes, It’s totally possible. :wink:
It’ll take some time for me to figure out exactly how, and should be done probably at the end of this week.


@aidenlx And do you think it could possible to develop a shortcut that, while listening to the audio file, automatically creates the embedded link with the current/active timestamp ?

Or, as described in another existing feature request (Audio Recorder with timestamped notes), directly when adding a newline in a note.

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Done in v2.1.0, also supports Vimeo videos


This is what I dreamed for 2 months thank you so much @aidenlx.
Just one further implementation could be awesome. “Resizing the video frame” as we can do in iframe code (i.e. <iframe width=“560” height=“315” etc.)

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Another good idea would be if your plugin understand also the youtube video link in this format as well. Because when you enter youtube with right click you can easily extract the code in this form (not in this form
Again thanks very much for your effort! :smiley:

Glad to help :relaxed:
But sadly I won’t have too much time to add more features for quite some time after this update. I’ll keep track of all your suggestions on GitHub Issue and Project and see if I can make some time.

No worries you did a great job! Thank you for your contribution. :blush:

It’s now tracked in Feature Request: Create links for timestamps from player

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Tracked in Feature Request: Syntax for embed options

Done in v2.2.0

I see your update today. Awesome @aidenlx! Thank you so much. :clinking_glasses:

However I have a question. Is it possible to create jumping timestamps for youtube videos?
I try but I think I am wrong at one point.

It’s not yet supported, since I haven’t figure out how exactly should a new leaf be opened with embeds. Also the shorthand syntax is not yet determined to avoid lengthy url+timesatmp. It will take some time.

in v2.5.0, although not yet support resizing for individual video, the update has optimized video frame size for all embeds (including local media), which is responsive to window size.


MediaExtended 2.6.0 is here! Now with new features to get timestamp from player and open timestamp link on external video:


Great work!! It would be perfect if you could navegate easier in the video, searching for the right point you want to time stamp, using the arrows and space bar while you are in the Video preview window. When you’re there, arrows move the time and spacebar stop/pause the video by default, as we were in youtube. Better than using the mouse.

Dude you are cool. I have been waiting for such a decision for a long time. Thanks a lot for this extension. Unfortunately after upgrading to 2.82 it stopped working on my Poco x3 Pro. And I also want to add that it is very inconvenient when the video opens in a new window (especially from a smartphone). Hope you can solve the problem. And good luck with your development.

p.s. And he writes that my phone is no longer supported.