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When creating internal links to other documents in Obsidian, I can link to a heading by using #, or I can link to a “block” by using ^. The issue is, sometimes I would like to link directly to some text in another document, without cluttering up the document I’m connecting to with block urls.

What would be an awesome feature is if I could use another symbol, perhaps !, $, or ?, and instead of creating a block url, clicking on that link will simply open that document and SEARCH for the supplied text.

For example:
When clicked on, would open, and search for 2023/12/01, without adding a block url to

Obsidian is an AWESOME product. Thank you for listening.

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It’s possible, tho much less easy, to make an Obsidian URI that links to a search. I don’t know if there’s a plugin to make it easier.

This is new to me. Thank you, I will try it out!
But I still think building this functionality into the standard document link would be beneficial

How do you guarantee those links don’t break even after document changes? I guess the current block ID approach is inevitable when we consider it.

I agree block ids can distract you, so I use this CSS snippet to mitigate it.

.cm-blockid {
    opacity: 0.2;

.cm-active .cm-blockid {
    opacity: 0.7;
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