^ link to paragraph only reveals part of a long document

I had this problem before and I thought it had been resolved. I wish to link to a block within a long literature note using [[document name^]].

This opens the target document in the scrolling window as expected.

But it only scrolls to a certain point within the target document and so I have no way to link to the target block.

The actual document extends for some length behond the ‘end’ of the scroll window.

This has been asked other times.

The popup that appears contains a suggest list. The more you write the more it refines list.
It’s not meant to be a comprehensive list of all possible links/paragraphs.

I did search for a previous discussion of this…

I don’t follow.

[[ ]]

Results in a pop-up with a list of target documents that can be refined depending on what is typed within the brackets.

Is this what you mean by “suggestions”?

The problem I have is what happens after you successfully indicate the target document and then type^ to open it in the Pop-Up window so that you can select the target block within it.

At this point there are no suggestions - it just opens the entire document within the Pop-Up window whereupon I want simply to scroll down to highlight the target block.

It is here that the target document is truncated. It seems to be a straightforward constraint on the length allowable / viewable within the Pop-Up window.

For example, I have a terminology document that runs from A to Z with a couple of hundred definitions.

A pop-up window linking to it using [[name^]] only gets as far as C.

If I can upload screenshots if it helps.

The popup that appears both the note part and the block part are limited size list of suggestions. By design they are not meant to show an exhaustive list, but just fixed list of possible option refined as you type. The more you type the better suggestions you get.

If you type [[name^z you will get the z part.

Many thanks

I see that typing the exact text gets to the desired text.

But, unless I’m missing something, this makes absolutely no sense in terms of functionality. Let me explain what I mean.

  1. I want to link an observation in Note A to a particular paragraph in Target Note B.

  2. I know the paragraph is there but I don’t know exactly where or how it begins - in advance of opening the document in the pop-up window.

  3. I type [[NoteB^] and it opens the pop-up window which shows only the first half of Target Note B.

  4. These are not, as you say, ‘suggestions’. These are simply the text of the first half of the document - due to a constraint on how much of a document can be shown.

  5. For me to check the paragph to link to I need to separately open Target Note B and find it there - note in my mind the first letters of the paragraph - close it - and then do as you suggest.

  6. Type the first letters after ^.

Why can’t the pop-up window just open the whole document in the first place?



For performance and usability reasons. If you had a file with 100K paragraphs, should we show a list with 100K entries? It’s useless and slow.
The arguments you make could be made for the file part as well. Should we show a list with every single file in your vault when you type [[?

The point is this: the popup that you see is an autocomplete helper not an exhaustive list.

Ok. Makes sense. Thanks.