Link to note show .md file instead of the right

Steps to reproduce

I create a page Zettelkasten Plugin: 202005291521 Be Proactive
When I try link to this page i see this page with .md, but nothing else. And if I try to link this, Obsidian say that this page does not exist.

OS: Ubuntu Linux 20.04
App: Obsidian-0.6.4.AppImage

Expected result

I want to have correct link to pages)

Actual result


  • Operating system:
  • Obsidian version:
  • Using custom CSS:

Additional information

Did you expect “be proa” to link to that note? If you use Enter to complete the link it should work.

I have had a couple of cases tonight where the suggested completions have contained two entries, [filename] and []

i find if I complete with, click on it to create a new note, delete it, it is no longer suggested.

I’ve also had problems with deleted filenames still showing or with duplicate filenames (screenshot). In some cases this is because the links to deleted notes are still in other notes, in other cases modification to the filename hasn’t updated notes, and sometimes it just seems like a duplicate and I can’t work out the cause.


yes, I use Enter. But some days ago I found the reason: if I don’t input text myself but copy/paste the title from other sources (such as Internet), the problem appear

It’s possible that the text you copy/paste contains non breakable with spaces?

Apparently this is the problem, now I copied the test, the problem was not identified. Perhaps the resource where I took the text contained invalid
I think the problem can be closed, thanks)

The problem again, I copy text from Obsidian

no characters in the text, created by Zettelkasten addon

This is not a suggestion to what you have on the right side.
The right size is a section within note (The little book).
On the right side you are getting a suggestion for a file.

Do you still have that file?
Is that file still referenced somewhere else in your notes?

In my screenshot I copy text from right and add to new note created by Zettelkasten addon. In new note for clarity I try to link in itself. Obsidian offers me a file with .md (create it)

Another example

Thanks for the detailed report. I can reproduce.

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Bumping this thread as I have the same issue. I hadn’t realised the problem was copying the text and pasting it on the title, but I see that now.

Here’s a video to show it:

Should be fixed in 0.7. Let me know if it works when we release it.


I just wanted to add in that this seems to occur when there’s a double space in the name - no copying and pasting involved. Will test when fix is out

Glad this will be fixed. Just want tt add that it will always happen after I drag a note to a folder. After moving the note, it won’t be correctly linked, even though it can be autocompleted (with a “.md” at the end)

Another thing I would like to be changed is, when highlighting a folder, I press cmd-n, it still create a note in the root vault folder, instead of the nested folder.

Not sure if it is a bug or feature request.