Link to current Daily Note

Things I have tried

`=link(dateformat(date(today), "yyyy-MM-dd"))`
`="[[" + dateformat(date(today), "yyyy-MM-dd") + "]]"`

What I’m trying to do

I have somewhat of a “Dashboard” linking to Tags, special Pages, etc. and I want to add something linking me to the current daily note. Preferebly with [ item ] ( link ) so I could have it show up as an icon, but I can’t get it to work, neither with Templater nor with Dataview (because I really don’t know how this kind of stuff works). I was looking for help here, where the snippets from above are from, but they´re not working for me…

Links above should work. What’s the output? Any error message?
About the “icon”, you can try one of these:

`="📋 "+link(dateformat(date(today), "yyyy-MM-dd"))`

`=link((dateformat(date(today), "yyyy-MM-dd")), "📋")`

Now it works, it was somehow clashing with the “Periodic Notes” plugin, thank you very much!