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After searching help and forums, I am finally annoying you all by typing up a post. Sorry for that.

What I’m trying to do

I need a way to link to the bottom of a page/note. I have a few notes that get longer and longer by me (and a pythom bot) appending lines. When opening the note, I’d like to have the view scrolled to the bottom, and not to start at the top.

I could imagine this to be done by a link (like [[longnote#BOTTOM]] ) or maybe by a setting within the note (so that it always opens at the bottom, regardless from where you come). But up to now I was unable to find something useful.

I did find the options to link to blocks or headings, but this does not work for me, as the note grows by appending. Any permanent mark (heading/label) I put into the note, will inevitably not be at the bottom next time.

So, my question for the Obsidian Pros would be: Is there such an option? Or an extension that could help me?

If not assigned to an Obsidian hotkey, on macOS CMD DOWN ARROW goes to the bottom of a note (and CMD UP ARROW goes to the top).


Thanks for the hotkey! But isn’t there any option du jump there automatically?

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Nothing else I know of. I use the outliner and have it loaded in the left-most pane. Coupled with headings in my notes, I use that to navigate … or use the hotkey above.

Hope someone can offer a better solution for you.


I use this plugin. I creates two buttons in the interface to jump to the bottom and the top of a file. It is customizable and it’s saved me a looooot of time, check it out! GitHub - cloudhao1999/obsidian-scroll-to-top-plugin: This is a plugin for Obsidian that adds a button to scroll to the top of the current note.

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