Link to block with some indicator in linked source block

Use case or problem

Currently when creating a link to block (let’s call it source block) in other note (let’s call it destination block) only when we are in the destination note that has this link there is a visual indicator that there is somewhere a source note.

Proposed solution

When there is some link to a block in other document this source document could have some visual indicator that there are links to it. Now there are only linked mentions at the bottom or in the panel but to know about it I need to switch my attention to the bottom or to panel. It would be helpful to have some icon as a visual indicator that this particular block is linked to it. On click it could take me to the bottom to Linked mentions.

The same or similar icon could be placed in front of the linked block

The purpose of this would be to refresh my memory that there are some links to this particular piece of information. This would make it fully bidirectional.

My general conclusion is that graph view or Linked mentions are great for organizing and giving structures but for reading and learning let’s call it “in place” visual indicators that allow me to smoothly jump from one place to another are what I would prefer and make Obsidian even more powerful.

Current workaround (optional)

The only workaround I can think of is to create a footnote telling me that this source block is referenced somewhere else.

This might need if interests

Thank you very much. I will definitely use it. But I noticed that it has some total number of links displayed in top right corner and doesn’t add any indicator next to source block. So, my request is still valid, more than that, when I scroll down the long note and jump to destination note and click to link to the source note again it takes me to the top of the document. It would be great if it would take me to the exact block that is linked. I believe this can be done by directly link destination to source, in other words make it bidirectional.