'Link to Block' does not work with non-default themes

I use the ‘Link To Block’ feature a lot in Obsidian. I have a few long notes and tons of smaller notes linking different paragraphs in the long-form notes.

I’ve always used the default theme in Obsidian, which works beautifully. When I click on ‘link to block,’ the linked note opens focused on the linked paragraph.

Today I’ve decided to give other themes a spin - I’ve tried a few of them: Minimal, Deep Work, Atom, etc., and I noticed all my links to block stopped working. They are now behaving like regular links to notes - that is, they open a note focused on the top part instead of the linked paragraph.

I noticed it works fine if the link points to a header. It does not work for regular paragraphs and bullet points.

Is this a known issue?

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I don’t understand what you are talking about. Can you post some screen recording in the help vault?

I am going to close this issue because deleting the hash and re-linking fixed the problem, so I cannot reproduce it anymore.

In short:
[[Note 1^Points to Header]] → when I click on it, it opens the note to the linked header.
[[Note 1^Points to sentence or bullet point]] → when I click on it, it opens the note and ignores the block link.

I probably hit an edge case :man_shrugging:

Turns out I cannot close or delete this entry lol

Well feel free to nuke it :slight_smile: