Link to block does not show up all the needed reference

When internal linking using “#” it works for headers but for using “^” for block reference, not all shows up when the referenced file is longer but shows up when the file is shorter.

I hope someone gets my point here. I’m using the latest version on Mac (v.0.12.10)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start typing the file to link to, i.e. [[somefiletolink#header]] (this one works fine, no issue)
  2. But when I start to use this: [[somefiletolink^]], after that (^) and looking for the block of text, it is not there. It happens only when the file has longer text. (around 5k+ words) and it does not show up.


  • Operating system: MacOS BigSur
  • Obsidian version: v. 0.12.10

Additional information

Not a bug. The list that appears is meant as suggestions not as exaustive list

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