Link to and open hidden files in vault

Is there any way to link to a hidden file within my vault? (That is, a file with a name that starts with a period, or which is in a folder that starts with a period.)

E.g. a file of CSS snippets.

(I’m trying this in Android.)


Whichever way I try to link to a hidden file, when I click on the link I get the alert “File already exists” But it won’t take me to the file. This happens whether or not the file does actually exist.

Things I have tried

  1. Entering [[obsidian.css]].

(It just creates a new file with that name.)

  1. I tried manually entering a relative path,

  2. And a relative path from a file in the root folder:

  3. And an absolute path in vault:
    CSS Snippets

For these relative path and absolute path attempts, when I click the link I get a toast pop-up saying “Folder already exists”.

  1. I tried it with a hidden .md file in the root directory, testing each of:

.test hidden
.test hidden
[[.test hidden]]

Again, “File already exists”. I tried changing the linked file name to something that didn’t exist, but I still got “File already exists”.

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