Link to and embed an image

Things I have tried

The following syntaxes:

Standard MD link syntax

  • ![|160](
    • Produces a remote embed, but doesn’t link to the image in preview.

Recursive MD link

  • [![|160](](
    • Produces a remote embed, and does create a link to the remote image, but it’s a lot to write out.
  • Screenshot of both the above

MD reference as stand-ins for URL

- ![]([1])
- [1]:

Doesn’t replace the second bracket’s with the URL, but it feels like a stretch of Markdown’s syntax capabilities.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to figure out a quick/easy way to create notes with visual references, stored as image files, locally or remotely.
I need to be able to preview the full size of, and choose to open the full image file.[^1]

I’m using Firefox as a web browser, if that helps anyhow (perhaps there’s an addon that I missed, capable of making a link equivalent to second syntax).

[^1]: On that note, something to automatically grab and save linked remote images/files to a folder would be nice as well. It could be solved with this feature request: I’ll peek into the post #25 when it comes to finding a suitable workaround for the time being.

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