Link to actual task with Tasks Plugin or Dataview

I use the Tasks plugin in my Vault, however I still prefer to use dataview:task query for them because, with the latter, clicking on the task in the query will bring me to the exact line where the task is written, while the Tasks plugin only bring me to the closes section.

Is it possible to go to the exact line of the task with Tasks plugin?

The difference in where the links point are coded into the plugins. There is no setting to adjust it. It sounds like a great opportunity for a feature request for the Tasks plugin.

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Thank you for replying :slight_smile:
I noticed that the Task object has a line number field, which makes me think It would be possible to do it.

I actually have a withstanding soon-to-be-published PR to the Tasks plugin to do just that. So I assume you can expect it in the upcoming versions.

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