Link to a block in a note is very brittle

Creating an maintaining links to blocks is very brittle.

Obsidian is very picky about how text is arranged around a block id especially when these belong to tables.

  • There must be an empty line between the table and the block id (but obsidian doesn’t enforce it)
  • There mustn’t be a header following the line after the block id (but obsidian doesn’t enforce it)

This leads to missing embedded blocks in notes or duplicate block ids. It is very cumbersome to work with this feature.

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In general when using Markdown (and extensions to it like block IDs) it’s best to put blank lines between different kinds of things. Sometimes its required, and even when it’s not it tends to eliminate surprising behavior.

Moved to Help for not following the bug report template and because while block linking could be improved, this isn’t a bug as such. There may be feature requests about this that you can upvote; if not, you could post one.