Link suggestions creating duplicate pages, neither links to existing page

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open page in Obsidian
  2. Try generating link to existing page.

Expected result

1 page is suggested, and the resulting link points to the page in your database of this title.

Actual result

Some pages have 2 page titles suggested, both appearing identical (but one with a space at the end). Neither link goes to the desired page. Both are seen as blank.



  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
  • Obsidian version: Obsidian 6.7
  • Using custom CSS: yes

Additional information

I am storing my obsidian folder on OneDrive. Perhaps it is doing something funny. I have the local storage feature on (no files are just 'links to files online').
  1. Does the note’s title The Visual System contain non breakable whitespaces?

  2. Can you try to cancel the title of that note and rewrite it and see if/how it works?

  1. I haven’t explicitly used any HTML in my vault. Attempting to detect these spaces with the sample method as the example described here - - Does not reveal them.

  2. Elaborate on what you mean here. After checking for non-breaking spaces but squeezing the window and expanding it, something happened that fixed the issue. Suddenly I can’t get the 2 suggestions any longer and it is a single suggestion linking to the correct page.

I’ll update this thread if it comes back.

It has nothing to do with HTML. We have seen issues where note titles (the filenames) contain these special characters.

I asked you to rename the note so that you can get rid of these characters.

I didn’t rename it, but it seems the issue has gone away.

I thought it had something to with HTML since the page discussing non-breaking white space appeared to focus on it as being HTML.

fwiw, I’ve never used anything besides normal characters and spaces in obsidian. I’ll keep an eye out for the issue again. If you have any quick ways to check for non-breaking white spaces, please let me know.

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