Link Suggestion when marking a word

Is there a way that the box with link suggestions is displayed when I select an existing word and put brackets? I only get suggestions when I type something in the brackets.


Why i type [[]] it does show suggestion based on recently opened notes. But maybe perhaps because I’m using Various Complements plugin. U can try that plugin.

I already use this extension. When I set empty brackets [[]] suggestions are displayed.
But when I read an existing text and mark a word in it and set brackets [[Word]], the box does not appear. I have to click in it and need to type something.

I don’t think there is a way, unless there’s a plugin. This would be a good feature request (if it hasn’t already been requested).

Hi, forgot to suggest this before. Try to use Various Complements plugin. U can enable “Internal link complement” and then assign hotkey to trigger link suggestion manually. It also has auto suggestion but i find it too annoying to be useful since i have lots of internal link. Auto suggestion is useful for me for frontmatter key: value pair

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