Link search not using normalization

Use case or problem

I am using Obsidian in Czech, and a lot of my headings use special characters, such as áčřžšě, these characters are then required as well when i want to link to them.

I searched for an option to enable search normalization, but I haven’t found any.

Proposed solution

Please create an option, to either search for file names an headings with normalized characters.

I would want to link to a heading [[Česká republika#Ústava]]. When searching for this heading i need to seach either by [[Česká republika#Ú]] or [[##Úst]].

It would be perfect if I could find my heading just by searching for [[ceska]] → (find file) → [[Česká republika#ust]] or just [[##ust]]

Current workaround (optional)

It is necessary to write the special characters