Link says "folder exists" but I find no folder

What I’m trying to do

I had a folder containing several files with links to other files. I created a file with links to those files, then deleted the folder. Now those links appear dead. When I click on the links a popup says “folder already exists” but I find no such folders.

This is what the link URLs look like:

I dearly want to recover those files. If I can’t I will have lost a critical bit of organization.

Things I have tried

I doubted the help would have anything to say about this. None of the “similar topics” that were suggested when this one was submitted were relevant.

I managed to recover the folder from a backup. Thank God for backups. Thank God for the guys who created the app I use to create backups.

Still don’t understand what happened when I linked to the files in a file and then deleted the folder. A file with links to files that contain links to files. That’s what I thought I was doing. Shouldn’t it work?

OK, now I understand. I created a note with links to notes in a folder. When I deleted the folder I deleted the notes.

But since the notes were deleted, why when I clicked on the links to those notes did I get a popup saying “folder already exists.” There never were any such folders.

Boy, am I a mess. :crazy_face:

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