Link notes inside admonition blocks

Hello everyone, how are you? I am a new user of the Obsidian software, residing in Brazil. I am having the following problem: I have a note: “Definição ME EPP LC 123_2006”, containing the words “Receita Bruta”. I have another note: “Vedações EPP e ME LC 123_2006”, containing the same words “Receita Bruta”.

The only difference is that in the second note these words are within a block of the Admonition plugin.

When I go to the graph view, I can’t see the relationship of the second note with the “Receita Bruta” Note.

Even the “Receita Bruta” note does not recognize this link.

It happens that when I put the link outside the block, it recognizes the link between the 3 notes.

Where am I going wrong?

Please, someone can help me?

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