Link multiple notes at the same time?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I have found a solution this solution that works for MD files… In which I have used and it works well.

But I have found that when I want to link multiple videos using the same method it does not work. Maybe it does, but I am missing something? I follow the exact process, but when I paste the copied links, they are not linked to the videos, they ask to create a new note. So my best guess is it only works for MD files?

Nonetheless. Is there a way to link multiple videos at the same time stored in a folder, into a note? I have 200+ videos I’d like to link in a index note, but theres no way I am linking them manually. I just want a quick way to link multiple videos into a note. All videos are in a single folder if that makes a difference.

Any advice is much appreciated.

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