Link-Inserter button-grid pane

Sometimes I am adding different variations and orders of a few of the same 30-40 links into note after note.

It might be nice to have a pane with a grid of swappable link buttons that simply add the corresponding link at the cursor of the current note. I would greatly appreciate a plug-in that accomplished this.

To do this now, I currently have set up scripts in auto hotkey, but remembering shortcuts for them isn’t easy. Thank you very much.

If you now AutoHotkey better than JavaScript, then it might be easy/worth to learn doing GUI within AutoHotkey. On hotkey you can parse (+ skip YAML header) preselected file (containing list of links) from Obsidian vault and compose window with list of clickable buttons where each click on button activates Obsidian and pastes corresponding link.

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Thanks. Good call! I will give it a try. Very cool!