Link hover tooltip in Live Preview

The tooltips on external links that work in preview don’t work in live preview yet.


I would also appriciate to get some consistency here. Showing the hand icon and tooltip on ctrl + hover, would do I guess?

Also I am not shure if opening links in the background (instead of firing up the browser like in reading mode) is on purpose, but right now its not clear that a link was opened at all after ctrl + click. Some kind of effect on clicking would be nice too.

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This would be even more useful now that clicking on links instantly opens them instead of expanding the URL.

This would be awesome. I’d love to minimize the times that I need to switch to reading mode, especially since vim navigation doesn’t work there. Ultimately it would be nice to just have the one mode (unless I’m missing some obvious benefits that keeping them separate would have).

Actually, I thought you were referring to internal wiki link previews upon hovering over links in reading mode. Is this different from the external link tooltips you mention in Preview mode?