Link gets erased when I try to insert a section

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to insert links to specific notes sections, but Obsidian is deleting the whole link when I type the # sign. It complete deletes what I have typed and starts referencing the current note.

I have relative links activated and a default class for all notes in metadata-menu, not sure if that is making any difference

Things I have tried

This can happen but not consistently enough. If you find uncommon behaviour, start again with the two square brackets, the string for filename and the hash and in the meantime try to separate the link to be expanded from any strings that may come after (with a space).

It happens to me every time. Doesn’t matter if I autocomplete the link, go to view mode, back to edit mode and try to append the #^, it fails consistently

I reproduced just now in a very long note. The behaviour stops when the live preview rendering is finished.
Do you have very heavy notes?

Also, delete back the closing ]] when you try again.

My note titles are not very long, but because I have set the link to be relative, and I have some hierarchy of folders the path can indeed get long. I’ll set the value to shortest one possible and try again. Thanks

I am using Wikilinks and I also have the Various Complements plugin’s internal link component turned on, but I’ve seen the hiccups before. What I did sometimes is copy the Heading level strings and completed the link manually.

Alternatively, you can go to the other note and right click on a heading and block of text and copy the link to the clipboard. You need to install the Copy Block Link plugin to be able to do that.

  • BTW, we should have the functions of that plugin in core functionality ASAP.

Sorry, what is that?

It’s an improvement on core handling of internal links but Obsidian may have caught up with it in the meantime, dunno.

I use it for other purposes. Definitely worth installed both plugins, mate.

This one right? GitHub - tadashi-aikawa/obsidian-various-complements-plugin: This plugin for Obsidian enables you complete words like the auto-completion of IDE.
Looks very interesting


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