Link generation after a dataview request

I make notes with one tag, then in a separate note with dataview I display all these notes with one tag on a separate page, but since I use dataview query no links appear and the local graph is empty, is there any way to make after dataview query appear links to all documents that dataview query generates?
Or maybe there is another way to make links automatically by grouping notes by the same tag?

In the post below I discuss some alternatives on how to persist a dataview query, aka making it static and not dynamic, which is what is needed to make the links appear in the local (or global) graphs.

Sadly, I’ve still not come around to making this into a more permanent solution, but maybe you get enough hints in some of those alternatives to making something useful for your case.

That could work, but if I’m not mistaken the graph still can’t list files using the tag as a starting point. It can group existing notes in a graph related to a given tag, but it can’t expand on a given tag to show all related notes, if you see the difference.

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