Link FROM external location to an Obsidian note

Is it possible to point/share a note using a link/url. For example is I have an entry in evernote/notes/whatever and wish to have link FROM Evernote/notion to a NOTE within Obsidian is this possible?

I have tried using the obsidian url for example:


But it takes me out of my current vault to the document folder on idrive.

Does the url have to be formatted differently or is this impossible?

The Obsidian URL looks correct. You many need to enclose it in < > to make it clickable <obsidian://open?vault=Documents&file=Ideas> in some applications, but it doesn’t look like Notion supports Obsidian URIs. Not sure about Evernote. Apple notes opens the link fine.

Many thanks all I am now using a combination of Evernote and Obsidian the links now work!

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