Lines below task item not visible


I have two items, one of them a task item with some lines below it (used Shift-Enter to insert these lines):

(in view mode)

in edit mode, this looks like:


For some reason, the additional lines below the task item are hidden.

In plain-text that looks like

- [ ] first line
        second line
        and so one
- not the same behavior for a normal item
    with some more lines
    and another line

Why is that behavior so different? How can I make the lines below a task item shown?


I reckon you’ve accidentally have folded that first set of lines, and possibly are using a theme which hides the folding triangle.

Try doing the same in the sandbox vault, and all lines will most likely show.

I use the default theme, no modifications whatsoever to the theme.

Yet, created a now vault and recreated the note. The previously hidden lines are now permanently visible, though there is no folding triangle (there is, for the # header e.g.).

However, it seems to be connected to the tasks plugin. I installed the plugin into the fresh vault and restarted Obsidian and immediately had the behavior described in the original post. Disabling the plugin reverted it.

Hmm… I don’t use that plugin regularly, only when testing stuff, but if it’s the case you should probably consider posting an issue on the github page of the plugin. Or check if it’s already reported.

Done so, see Lines below a task item are not shown · Issue #2061 · obsidian-tasks-group/obsidian-tasks · GitHub

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