Line Wrap Hotkey

The new Line Wrap setting is great, but I’d love to be able to toggle it with a keyboard hotkey. In fact, I’d love to be able to map any setting/command to a hotkey, such as in VS Code.


+1 what the the OP said

I agree with this. A quick toggle to turn line wrap on and off would be most helpful. In my case I find that using tables can become almost impossible without turning line wrap off, but in most cases I rather have it on.

The problem with tables is when the table is really long and runs off the page in editor mode. This can happen for many reasons, but my reason is that file names with links can be very long, and that goes in the first cell. When this happens, on my computer at least, the part of the table that runs off the page cannot be seen, it goes invisible and cannot be worked with. If Line Wrap is turned off, it becomes visible again.

+1, it will be handy when switching between articles and code. This option is already in the settings, why not giving us a hotkey?