Line Indent Jumps back and forth (to the right and left) when indenting

What I’m trying to do

Use bullet lists in obsidian note - indenting and outdenting with fixed and stable columns.

I’m trying to indent and outdent list items consistently. On the PC when i indent list items, the list item jumps to the right and to the left when i indent (hitting the tab can make it go in both directions). Eventually, if I hit it enough times, it jumps right and left until eventually it sits under the right place vertically, although i can’t get the vertical lines to work and it doesn’t always seem to line up exactly.

I should mention that the note is set right to left, I’m not sure if that matters.

Things I have tried

I’ve toggled that tab indent list option. and the smart lists option in editor. I’ve also installed the outliner plugin.

i searched for anything on editing lists but didn’t find this problem. I also plugged in outliner but when i use its commands the lines jump back and forth as before. it doesn’t seem to change anything.

Any help would be appreciated!

I posted the same in another topic, but there has been some fixing and shuffling around of things regarding indentation and lists in the last few early access builds (betas). When the next public release comes out, give it a try again to see how it looks.

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Thanks, I’ll do that

hi again! i wanted to ask you: can you recommend a way of making a stable list-like document, a directory, for organizing all my notes and links? I tried to use the bookmarks plugin, but at least for me it is unstable, vanishing and jumping around (there’s already a bug report on it). So i tried using a bullet list, but this is also unstable. i need it to be foldable (with indented list items) and stable, and to work from pc and mobile, but not much more than that. any ideas?


What’s wrong with the builtin file explorer in the left side pane? It indents the files and folders, and is where stable and foldable.

Hi, thanks for responding. i want to be able to include links to outside resources (webpages and google docs), links to multiple notes (like hashtag or bookmark), and not to be limited to the filenames, but able to call things by other names, and also to include links to the same note(s) in multiple places. also, i saw that i can order the files with automatic insertions of numbers, but i don’t really like having numbers in all the titles :upside_down_face:

A pure basic list should be stable and foldable, if using the tab key doesn’t work stable enough for you, maybe you should try using two spaces to indent to the next level? (Possibly try to toggle the editor settings related to the usage of the tab key as well)

And if you are not on the 1.5.3 version, and actually are on a newer version, then you might need to just wait until an even newer or more stable version is released since like @ariehen says there seem to be some issues currently with version 1.5.4, 1.5.5 and possibly 1.5.6. I’m not on those versions, so I’m not quite sure how far ahead of my “stable” 1.5.3 version they are with the insider builds.

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I didn’t know i could indent using the space key! i thought it had to be a special indent key. i’ll try that. thanks!

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