Line height displayed differently between live/source preview and reading view


  • OS: MacOS 13.2.1, apple silicon
  • Obsidian version: Version 1.1.9 (Installer 1.1.9)
  • theme: default


I found the line heights are different among different preview modes, you can see the pic as follows:

actually the live preview and source mode have smaller line height, but i believe reading mode displays correctly.

Things I have tried

use some css file to modify line height, but it does not work.

option 1:

.is-live-preview {
    line-height: 20em;

option2 .markdown-preview-section, .CodeMirror, .markdown-preview-sizer {
  line-height: 20em;

What I’m trying to do

Have you guys met this issue before? i am guessing it is caused by OS… how do you think?
Thank you for your attention!

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Due to the first two being editing modes, they’ve got an equal line height related to being editing modes. The reading mode is more for presenting so there the line height and visual appearance varies more.

so it is also defined by css, right? would you mind giving more information about which css selector it should be? thank you so much

according to this post

.markdown-source-view { --line-height-normal: 2; }

basically solve my problem

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