Line breaks inside $\body{}$

I wonder if there is a way to give a line block inside \text blocks

here’s what I am trying to write,

```$$\begin{aligned}\color{red}\text{The hot system gives life its emotional - zest. It motivates preschoolers to want two marshmallows,but it also makes it hard for them to endure the wait.}\end{aligned}$$```

I don’t seem to know how to give a line break inside \text block.

I realize I can use the normal text in Obsidian, but I wish to color code some important points and this seemed like a nice idea, but everything appears in one line with no text wrapping.

Mathjax is not meant for this. I think you could use html instead for this, like this;

<p style="color:red">This is some red text.</p>

ugh, that’s a shame. Thanks anyways! I wish I could do that, that way I could have replaced my need of Google Docs

There are various ways you can attach custom css to paragraphs if that is what you’re looking for. And there exists various highlight plugins which are also capable I f multiple colors, if I’m not mistaken.

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