Line break behavior exporting to Latex

Hello: this might be more of an issue with Pandoc than with Obsidian Latex export, but I want to inquire if anyone knows a workaround for this.

When I export from markdown to Latex, the resulting file will have new line breaks at each individual line (seemingly where each line ends visually on the markdown document). This is as opposed to the desired behavior of having each paragraph on a single line. I get this result no matter what plugin I use, or even using Pandoc through the terminal.

Represented visually in Overleaf, this is the desired result, and what you would naturally get working natively in Overleaf – each paragraph on a single “line”:


This is what you get if you export the same text from Markdown and open in Overleaf – a new line break after each “line”:


This makes no difference to how the document looks when it is knitted to PDF in Overleaf. However, it makes subsequent editing of the text in a Latex editor much more difficult & seems like an overall suboptimal behavior. Anyone know a way to fix this?

Figured out this issue to this when exporting to Latex using the Pandoc Plugin: include “–wrap=preserve” in the “Extra Pandoc arguments” field in the plug-in settings.

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