Limiting suggestions from Various Complements to internal links only

What I’m trying to do

I have enabled suggestions from the Various Complements plugin for internal links. I also have Complement Automatically enabled.

With the latter I also get suggestions when I am composing a note, which I never find helpful and is usually distracting. But with it turned off I don’t get suggestions when creating an internal link.

So I have a dilemma: I get suggestions when I don’t want them; or I don’t get them when I do.

Perhaps this is related somehow to the fact that my internal links are markdown links?

Things I have tried

I searched on “Various Complements.” Several of the threads were interesting—and sometimes confusing—but none addressed my issue.

I’d you’ve turned off Settings > Files & Links > Use wikilinks, you can type [[ to get suggestions and it will become Markdown when completed.

Thanks. Initially I was led to believe somehow that suggestions were not available for markdown links. I accidentally discovered that typing [[ with wikilinks turned off I got suggestions for markdown links. I don’t know how I came to think that Various complements would be helpful in this connection.

Perhaps the fact that when using the “make a markdown link” command in the mobile app suggestions are not offered contributed to my confusion.

Probably because suggestions don’t appear when you type the Markdown syntax for a link. It’s not at all obvious that you should use the other syntax.

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