Lighten font in sidebar only?

I have the Minimal theme on and in dark mode and the font in the sidebar is slightly too dark. I also have the “plug-in” minimal theme settings, but there’s only font type adjustment, not color.

Just looked up how to change CSS. Got to the point I have console open and after using the inspector, then hovering over the element saw the color is #808080 and I’d like it to be #878787

Over in the console, I’m not sure which line/s to change so that all lines in Sidebar change to that font color? Thanks

Before going into the CSS, have you looked at Minimal Settings’s Dark Mode Style preference? It changes some colours.

For the default theme, the CSS for changing color of “folder names” and “note titles” in the left-sidebar is…

/* left sidebar text color */
.nav-folder-title-content, .nav-file-title-content 
{color: #5e5d84 !important; }

Maybe it’s the same for you.


Yep, it allows you to change the background color, but not the font brightness.

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