Life Map/Compass

I love the idea of the Life Map or Compass as featured in Nick Milo’s LYT/Ideaverse Kit.

But I’m pretty fuzzy on what its components really are. These are largely blank in the kit (and understandably so, since they’re pretty personal), so I’m having a hard time getting a clear picture of what “inputs” are here, even though they all seem valuable.

Anyone already using this, or something similar, who can clarify or wants to discuss this overall idea?

The Life Map template note includes links to:

  • My Roles
  • My Permissions
  • My Environment
  • My Tools
  • My Experiences
  • Life Reflections
  • My Virtues
  • My Skills
  • My Spark List
  • My Manifesto
  • My Goals
  • My Obituary (okay, @nickmilo , I have to know: are you writing your actual full, word-for-word obituary for your friends/family to cut-and-paste later?)

Some of these are more self-explanatory than others, and some could be understood in more than one way, depending on who’s doing the reading. (Which is both good and bad. It makes for the ability to personalize, but also might lead to unwittingly overlooking a valuable usage.)

Anyway…I’m interested in discussion of how you would interpret these categories/what you would include or link in them, and/or other uses of a similar compass note like this.


I would like some clarification also

It’s surely a very personal thing.
Talking about compass rather than life map, I don’t have an explicit one, but facing an idea or a concept I often ask myself, spontaneously:

  • do I agree?
  • this is useful for…
  • this thing is similar to…
  • I can generalize or abstract this to…
  • can I extract a claim, a rule or principle?

The process is rather simple for me.
For example, when I’ve met the concept of the compass idea model, I’ve asked myself:

  • is it a good idea? yes
  • is it useful for me? yes
  • can I think something more generic? yes, there is not a single compass idea model, everyone can develop the suitable compass for himself.
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Yesterday I listed out everything: all the topics, activities, and roles I participate in. It’s a very long list. I started organizing them under what seemed like the most natural headings. These headings could become folders, MOCs, or the first level of a nested tag, depending on what it is, but I’m still trying to figure that out.

You made this post in October, so I’m really keen to see where you’ve taken things since then.

Thanks! Glad to know I’m not the only one trying to map it all out.

Here are the notes from my Zettelkasten mapped to my Wheel of Life:

The chart is created dynamically by Dataview and the Obsidian Charts plugin. The values are calculated by filtering existing tags from my notes.

My learning:

If the ideas in your Zettelkasten don’t support the goals on your wish list, it’s a call for a purposeful realignment.

Career: #theme/work OR #theme/management OR #theme/datastory OR #theme/agile OR #theme/facilitation OR #theme/thinking OR #theme/writing OR #theme/sketchnotes

Learn: #theme/learning OR #theme/ai OR #theme/pkm OR #theme/zettelkasten OR #theme/obsidian

Relationships: #theme/community OR #theme/family OR #theme/wol OR #theme/socialmedia OR #theme/sketchnotes

Wealth: #theme/finance OR #theme/living OR #theme/travel

Health: #theme/health OR #theme/self OR #theme/sports OR #theme/climbing OR #theme/hiking OR #theme/swimming OR #theme/skiing OR #theme/cooking OR #theme/psychology