Version 0.3 was recently dropped. This update includes habits, planned tasks, suggested tagging methods, and additional and further clarification of documentation.

What is Life-Disciplines-Projects?

Life-Disciplines-Projects (LDP) is a life-management framework designed by uwi. This framework’s main application and demo is through Obsidian, but being a framework, it can also be applied elsewhere.

LDP is an attempt redefine ones relationship with work by reducing friction and increasing velocity towards their ikigai, defined as their reason for being. It takes inspiration from Getting Things Done, Pillars Pipelines and Vaults, and Agile (Scrum, Kanban), among many others.

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What can you get from this?

  • How you should apprach LDP
  • The fundamentals of LDP
  • Working With LDP
  • A simple implementation in Obsidian
  • Suggestions moving forward
  • A detailed walkthrough on defining your Life and Disciplines


Life-Disciplines-Projects are organized as follows.

LDP Organization

LDP is organized as a system of components, which allows for routine alignment of component to it’s higher context.

Resources → LDP
Tasks → Core
Life → Sense of Self
Disciplines → Life
Habits → Life/Disciplines
Projects → Disciplines

Approach and Philosophy

Build a System that Works for You: My life is not your life. LDP is a framework, the foundation that is to be built by whoever utilizes it. You should always be asking the following two questions.

Everything should be Relevant and Important: Save time and energy by working on the relevant and important.

Keep It Clear, Simple, and Small: You should be able to sit down and immediately do what you want to do. Do this by reducing friction.

"Just Enough" For Now, Polish Later: Do not get stuck on perfection. Do the bare minimum now to establish structure and viability. You can always come back later to iterate on the ideas and do polish.

Work Wide, not Deep: Work to understand the bigger picture, then start to polish and tweak the fine details. Do not perfect one component and neglact work on the rest. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

How to get started

  1. Navigate to Obsidian’s Website and download the Obsidian. Install.
  2. Download the latest release of this project on the right. Extract to a folder.
  3. Open Obsidian then Open folder as Vault and navigate to the folder that you extracted the source code to.
  4. Read the more in-depth 00 ❗ Readme file within the project.

Suggestions and Concerns

Join the Life-Disciplines-Projects community Discord server here. Also consider joining the official Obsidian Discord here for Obsidian-specific details. Also feel free to open a new issue on github or reply here.

More about uwi

I am a solo indie game developer with a mission of making people cry, but not through of saddness, but through sheer beauty. As of 2021, October 6, I am planning my workflow for game development, hence LDP.

If you’re interested in following me, please consider following my journey on game development, among other things, follow me on twitter. Also please consider donating at ko-fi when you have the chance.


Looking at your system and it looks amazing with perfect documentation and explanations!
Everyone should look!
Thank you for sharing :fire: