License clarification - Commercial use or not?

Hey all.

I’ve recently started using Obsidian. I like it a lot.

I’ve previously used Notion for both personal work, my own 1-person company and some work for my employer.

I’d like to use Obsidian the same way. Primarily I’d be using it for my own content creation / writing / notes.

But I want to use it to keep track of an occasional work project too. I know that I don’t need to purchase a commercial license if I use Obsidian for my own 1-person company.

But would I really need to buy a commercial license to use it occasionally to track a work project? To be clear, my employer has not asked me to use Obsidian or Notion or anything else. It would just be for my own convenience and mental sanity.

But if I did buy a commercial license, what company name would I use? My employer’s? I don’t want to license the software to them because I’m using it on my own computer and using it for my own notes.

Would I use my own company name - even though I’m the only person in the company? Or my employer’s? Or does this even matter?

I’m happy to support Obsidian, but I need clarification.

Thanks in advance.


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Cool. Thanks! I appreciate it!

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