Lex Fridman Podcast subtitles in Obsidian

I am looking into obsidian right now as a means to display video subtitles, have the ability to jump to particular parts of a video and make them searchable. So far the Timestamp Notes community plugin seems the best to support this idea. As a first test I used the transcripts from all Lex Fridman Podcasts (Lexicap) and generated the md files with a python script outside obsidian … you can download the md files here https://justdharma.org/lex4obsidian/LexFridmanPodcast.zip

I struggle with the video handling in Obsidian and looking for some advice, particular how to handle local video files. The Media Extended plugin seems to be not actively developed right now anf the TimeStamp Notes plugin has some issues with local files (no button to open it). Has anyone done something similar and can share a “subtitle md file” Thx

(i started using obsidian a few days ago so please bear with me …)

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That doesn’t seem to be a valid download link. I was only going to download them to double-check for malicious files, since you are new here. I have no idea about your question.

sorry, wrong link, the correct downlink is https://justdharma.org/lex4obsidian/LexFridmanPodcasts.zip

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