Lettered lists?

Use case or problem

In many textbooks there are questions that are layed out in the form of lists. Most of the time these lists are numbered, but if the question has sub questions or steps, they are layed out in a lettered list, like this


Proposed solution

Adding in lettered lists, that go alphabetically. Upon reaching Z, you could go aa, ab, ac, etc.

It would also be helpful to be able to put a number before this list, so you could have this kind of structure



Current workaround (optional)

You can still type this kind of list, it just doesn’t appear the same, nor does it autofill, since it’s just plain text.

I understand you would like that, but it is not part of the markdown spec.

Would it be possible to add as a plugin? I’ve seen list plugins before, but none of them have this feature, are there any technical reasons for this?

Where do you do your editing? Live preview or source mode? Or put another way where do you want to see these lettered lists?

I use primarily live preview mode, though I use source occasionally to fix things if they’re being awkward. I should also mention that I primarily use the mobile version of obsidian.