Let users choose location for settings


Currently settings are stored in a folder in the user’s home directory, which typically isn’t located on Dropbox or other such folders that are synced to a cloud service. It’d be great if users could a custom location for the Obsidian settings folder so that one could place it on say a Dropbox folder.

Are you talking about the app settings, or your vault settings?

Settings, including plugin installations and data, are stored in a folder (called .obsidian by default) at the top level of your vault. These folders are therefore synced by cloud sync services.

You can customize the name of the folder by creating a custom settings profile: Select files and settings to sync - Obsidian Help

There are no global settings for the app.

Thanks for the replies.

I do have the .obsidian folder in the root folder of my vault, but also I have the ~/.config/obsidian folder in my home folder (on linux). In the latter folder I find some (what to me looks like) global configurations such as the location of the different vaults, and the custom dictionary. I must have missed something, because to me the latter folder does look like global setting, but as @ryanjamurphy there are no global settings. On the other hand, this is where entries into my dictionary ends up, so I’m confused.

There are global app settings. But I’m not sure you really want to be syncing them. Everything a typical user should be concerned with - except solving cache issues very occasionally or other advanced fixes - is in your vault .obsidian folder.

But maybe you have a need I’m not aware of. Syncing that folder across machines might cause issues. Not sure.

Dictionaries, like spelling?

I see - so basically all of the data I need is in the vault folder. The exception seems to be the spell checking dictionary though. Having a global copy of this across vaults is great, but that currently seems to mean it isn’t automatically backup up along side the vaults. Maybe Obsidian itself could automatically place a copy of the dictionary somewhere under each vault’s config folder on a regular interval?


Ok so yeah, specifically then, “Store spelling dictionary in vault settings so it can be synced” could make an interesting feature request.

But the drawback would be that it would be local to each vault.

Yeah, it’s not ideal, so what I was thinking is maybe one could let Obsidian sync the dictionary across vaults every now and then. The synced dictionary entries could if necessary be placed in a separate file from any vault specific dictionary to avoid any issues with writing to the same file from two sources (i.e. user action and cron type of job), but Obsidian could by default read from both files when performing spell checking

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