Let up arrow cycle from top item to bottom item in file explorer

Use case or problem

When the focus is on file explorer:

  • if you press down arrow to go all the way down, you will jump from bottom item to top item in a cycle kind of way - this is nice and useful
  • if you press up arrow to go all the way up, you will not jump from top item to bottom item

Proposed solution

  • when at topmost item in file explorer and pressing up arrow, it should go to bottom-most item

Hmm, I’m definitely not a fan of wrapping, whether using arrows or when searching.

I understand, although it wraps when going down. It could be a toggle switch in the settings that decides.

Dear all,

I wondered if when using the keyboard navigation we could display notes when scrolling down the keyboard without having to hit ‘Enter’.

Please, let me know if would be possible.
Best wishes,

Use case or problem

This new feature will allows us to see notes quickly especially notes with embedded figures.