Left padding space of cards in Canvas

What I’m trying to do

Forgive me if this is a stupid question. I just started using Canvas to organise things on top of my notes. I noticed that on the left side of every card, these is a padding space that I can’t reduce or remove. This thing is not shown on any of the online Canvas tutorials that I found…

See the screenshot here: Screenshot by Lightshot

Things I have tried

I tried to resized the cards, and also checked all options of the Canvas core plugin but couldn’t find a way to remove it.

Maybe the new Obsidian update added this? I don’t see any practical use of having it on the left side of a card.

Please correct me and let me know what this is and how to use or remove it.



To the right of all the areas you pointed out, are all those callouts in the cards? Are these all text cards, file cards, or a mix?

It’s on cards and notes. I just found it might be a CSS thing from the theme Atom I use. I turned to the default theme and the left padding was gone.

Ah, good to hear.

This is the padding I see in a text card (default theme):

Exactly. It is. The rendering of the notes on the canvas is done by interpreting the Markdown through (or with, if you prefer) the CSS of the current theme + the CSS of loaded snippets.

I ended up using the default theme because the Atom theme also suffers from blurred resolution when zoomed out the canvas. :face_exhaling:

Pardon me for a little self-promotion : my theme, Olivier’s Theme works fine with canvas and cards. Cards can even, optionally, look like real cards. :wink:

(Olivier’s Theme with parchment look)

Many other themes should work too.

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