Left-align the text when using the presentation mode of the core plugin "Slides"?

Things I have tried

I want to align the text (header and paragraphs) to the left side when using the presentation mode. I want to know if it’s possible to achieve this with the core plugin before I start looking for a plugin.

What I’m trying to do

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Sure, you can just add this to your CSS snippet:

/* left-align all content in Slides */
.reveal .slides {
    text-align: left;


P.S. - I didn’t even know Slides were available. Pretty awesome! :tropical_fish:


Yes it did solve my problem, thank you so much. I didn’t know we could use CSS snippet that way.

Yeah, Obsidian is built on a web browser, so you can change the look of almost everything. :sailboat:

If you want to inspect the CSS styles:

  1. click “View” in the top menu, then “Toggle Developer Tools”. This opens a new window (Developer Tools).
  2. In the top-left corner of that new window is a little arrow icon. Click that little arrow so it turns blue
  3. Now click something on the Obsidian app (for example, a Header).

When you do that - the Developer Tools window will show you:

  • the name of the Element you selected in the left pane (for example, .slides )
  • all the CSS properties of that Element in the right pane (for example, text-align: center; ).

You can also test new CSS properties… right there in DevTools… to see how different styles will look.

It’s fun to play with - to create your own theme. :camping: :chipmunk:


That’s neat. Also, I didn’t know obsidian uses reveal.js for displaying the slides.

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