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I am new community and I have been using notion, but after seeing the potential of obsidian along the plugins, I couldn’t stop myself from migrating to obsidian.
One of the plugin that influenced my dataview.
Now I want to learn to create my own dataview queries to automate my vault.
Any suggestion how can I learn dataview queries?

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Read the documentation, use examples from it, and start playing around tweaking the various queries to match what you need/want. Searching (and adapting) various queries from this forum is also very helpful (, and for me the main source of how I’ve learned what I’ve learned to do these types of queries)

Remember that dataview is a tool, and not the end goal. With that I mean you should first figure out what your goal is, and then find out how to get the tool to do this. So in addition to playing with the examples to get a feel for the queries, you should think about what is it that you actually want to automate.

And when (not if) you need help, please do provide information as to what you actually want out of it, and what you’ve tried. Preferably also with a mockup of the output you want, if you’re envisioning something you really can’t grasp the concept of how to do.


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