Lazy • A capture tool for knowledge

Came across this in my twitter feed today:

See the thread for details and a cool video.

I am not about to dump Obsidian and the insane amount of customisability it offers to replace it with a very opinionated (not in a bad way) PKM and knowledge capture tool, but I must admit I’m a little envious of the quick capture interface and the flexibility it seems to offer across devices and input sources.

Is there anything this sophisticated available for obsidian?


Not that sophisticated, but Readwise,, and MarkDownload are the best tools I’ve found for web capture. is free so I use that for web highlighting & notetaking, and there’s a plugin to automatically sync with Obsidian. MarkDownload is great when you just want to capture a page without marking it up.

That said, this tool looks great! Would be cool to see it integrated with Obsidian, if possible.


Wow. That universal clipping and quick capture is nice. Definitely something I wish I had for the last 10 years, and I like the interface. If you’re on mac I assume everyone knows about, but there’s nothing as cool as this that I know of right now.

I’m using - for bookmarking, but it also has a cool highlighting feature which gets stored.

Looks interesting for sure. But does it have obsidian integration?