Latex ide into obsidian

Latex into obsidian

I had this idea but i’m not a programmer and i don’t know if this is doable.

my idea:
It would be very usefull if we have a plugin like excalidraw but instead, opens/embeds an latex environment, you could use some open source latex online environment like:

what I wish there to be:
When you create a new latex file you can choose where you want to create it:

like excalidraw

that create a new latex file on your voult that you can also open with your default program or embed it into your markdown notes

(like excalidraw)

To select wich part you want to be embedded it would be great if you use something like block link

how i would use it for:

  • To have a great way to insert images
  • Makes latex content easier to implement into obsidian and so you don’t need to convert everything
  • All the features that latex have

I know this isn’t what you had in mind… but


using the “custom frames” plugin, you can embed overleaf (online)

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