LaTeX bussproofs \fCenter not working on more than 2 lines

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to align my proof tree using \fCenter, but I can’t make it work for more than 2 lines. As an example, the following code should render


\Axiom$ \varphi \Rightarrow \fCenter \varphi$
\UnaryInf$ \varphi \wedge \psi \Rightarrow \fCenter\varphi$
\UnaryInf$ \Rightarrow \fCenter (\varphi \wedge \psi) \to \varphi$

but insted I am getting this:


As you can see it works fine on the first two lines, but any more and it stops working.

Things I have tried

MathJax documentation suggests it supports \fCenter but I can’t find any more information than that.

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